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Google ranks your website based on many factors and backlinks are one of them.

To put it simply, a backlink is a vote of confidence and trust from the trusted and most visited (not to mention, old) websites of the online world.

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You achieve it when they place your link in their website content. B

But is it that simple?


To achieve backlinks, you need to create content that is valuable, engaging, and updated.

Otherwise, why should a high-authority website link to you?

They are striving to give value and when they sense the same about you, they would happily give you a backlink. Again, that depends on the type of website you’re approaching.

And you should approach high ranking websites more often to increase your chances of getting a backlink every month.

Here’s why doing that is important.

1.  It’s a question of your domain authority

Domain authority increases when older websites link to yours or younger websites mention you on their websites. DA is another factor that tells Google if you’re relevant and that you’ve been doing a lot these years to give value.

2.  Builds meaningful relationship

When you reach out to websites in your niche, you start building meaningful symbiotic relationships. Backlinks give mutual benefits, so it shouldn’t be hard to forge these relationships at all.

3.  A good chance to fill your sales funnel

Backlinks increase your traffic by manifolds because a website channels some of its traffic to yours. That’s actually a good chance of directing that traffic into your sales funnel, for example, if you’re a business or an affiliate website. And once those new visitors find out about you, they’ll come back for more if you’re giving them value.

4.  Consistency is the key

Ranking in the top 10 search results does not happen just like that. It takes efforts if you want to stay on that list. Otherwise, there are many black hat SEO strategies that come with a hefty price to pay.

In white hat SEO, consistency is the key, and what better way to keep your SEO bandwagon rollin’ than getting quality backlinks per month?

The competition is severe. A high ranking website needs almost 30 backlinks per month to keep up its rank. Even a local business needs 2 or 3 links to stay on the list.

Google looks into these matters and so should you if you want to outrank your competition.

5.  You take an edge in the content department

Along with backlinks, the second most important metric to bring into your consideration is the content. More like the quality of it.

When you build backlinks per month, you inevitably create content to get those links. More content. More backlinks. More love from Google.

A simple science that pays off more than anything.

6.  You build a drool-worthy link profile

Here’s what I’ll say: Do not just focus on building links per month, but focus on building links per month from a variety of sources.

There’s a clear indication that the variety of backlinks you use help in placing you at the top of the search result. In other words, a diverse backlink profile is what tells Google that it should increase your ranking because a lot of websites from a lot of different niches or brands are trusting you.

You are a good website.

Final words

Consistent link building is important for the growth of your website. There’s no rocket science in this statement, only huge benefits. So, double down on creating a variety of backlinks from different, but relevant, sources, and see the results for yourself.

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