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SEO or search engine optimization includes strategies, certain best practices, and plans, all focused on one thing – to rank in the top 10; possibly, number 1, in the search engine results pages.

If there wasn’t any SEO, every website owner would have one way or another tried to manipulate the search engines.

It goes to say, that not everyone can rank number 1, but the one that puts in extra hard work in his website content in hopes to deliver value to their readers. Check out our SEO stints to get started.

But ranking on the top slot is just one of the many reasons for the importance of SEO. The real benefits start driving in when you actually achieve that spot – of course, by putting in extra hours and actually trying to give value.

So, let’s look into why SEO matters today
1.   Search engines make for the most of the internet searches

Search engines, be it Google, Bing, or Yahoo, account for the places where most searches take place. In fact, Google takes 75%, Bing 9.97%, and Yahoo 2.77% of the search space.

When these websites are the first stop for people who search for anything and everything, you’ve got to delve in the ranking competition for your niche.

2.   You want more business and exposure

61% of marketers keep SEO as their top marketing priority because it pays off. They get most of their clients from the search engines. You, too, could get more clients and exposure if you apply SEO strategies.

3.   You want to get local

If you wish to drive customers to your brick and mortar business, nothing beats a well crafted SEO strategy. That’s because as much as 72% of consumers went to a local store after they searched for their items on a search engine.

SEO is all about getting exposure on the search engines. With more than 2.3 trillion searches this year alone, you can scale your business easily on search engines like Google, whether it is just a blog or an e-commerce website. For that, you’ve to tap into SEO.

Stats source: Impact
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