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Call it website design, logo design, or whatever design that buttresses a business’s brand identity, it is important. That’s because design effectively communicates your ideas to your customers.

If you have a good design, your visitors will interact well. They won’t bounce off. Research from Quick Sprout confirms this. We have a various different Designing stints you can have a look at.

From the research, it is evident that design plays a key role in effective communication. Too bad that many businesses only go with a mediocre design that only gives them what they usually mean by “reducing the costs”.

As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose such an indispensable communication tool.


1. Design builds a brand

Whether it is your logo, website, or everything associated with your design, it builds your brand in many ways. For example, the colors you use represent you, the shapes and curves you employ say many things about your brand identity.

When you focus on good design, it ultimately translates into creating a long-lasting impression in the market. It sets you apart from your competition. It gives your business identity for the rest of its working days.

Think about it. How do you recognize Nike? You see its signature “tick” on its shoes. When you do, you only think about Nike and don’t say that the shoes belong to Adidas. Because they don’t. Simple.

That’s the power of design.

2. It gives you your voice

Two Japanese researchers, Kurosu and Kashimura conducted research by developing two ATM machines. They found out that the ATM that has a good design attracts more customers. They thought that the attractive ATM would work better when both of them were essentially the same.

So, a good design gave the ATM its voice. It cleared out the customers’ doubts about its working or build quality.

If it can do this to an ATM, consider its potential in taking your business to new heights.

3. Design creates emotional bonds

Businesses that focus on design to create a meaningful bond with their customers rather than their wallets outlast their competition. They tend to induce emotion in their brand design by tweaking the layout, colors, font choice, and everything in between.

The result? They get customer interactions more than expected. They form relationships that last for longer and are stronger.

4. Good design makes your brand consistent

Brand consistency is an important aspect of a business. It is a good design that makes it possible throughout the social media platforms you use, or your online presence away from them.

Take your favorite brand as an example. If it changed its logo overnight or used different logos for different channels, wouldn’t you feel repelled? Your relationship with it as a customer would be shaken to the core.

You might start mistrusting it because who does that?

So, focus on good design and its consistency throughout your presence on or off the internet.

5. Good design makes your brand inter-actable

A good design does not only look good, but it also performs well. It focuses on better UI and as I stated earlier, that can be paramount in retaining your visitors.

Our attention spans have reduced to 8 seconds, according to Microsoft. Therefore, to get attention from your visitors, you’d have to make amendments in your design that can deliver in this short span.

For starters, you can start revamping your website to include features that not only look good but also take visitors to their destination in a few clicks.


A good design can take your business to new heights. It is not about just the look or outlook of your business but also its performance. Therefore, invest in your design because it is one of the things that deliver.

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