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White hat and black hat SEO both have only one agenda: To get higher rankings. However, the way to reach there is different in both types. White Hat SEO uses ethical techniques while Balck Hat SEO doesn’t care about ethics or things like that.

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Black Hat SEO

As said above, BH SEO uses unethical means to get high ranking. It has strategies that focus more on this than giving any sort of value to the reader or the visitor of the website.

The returns on BH SEO always take less time. However, there’s a catch.

Google penalizes these websites heavily if it finds out. And considering its frequent algorithm changes or updates, doing that is quite easy for it.

1.   Keyword Stuffing

In Black Hat SEO, content marketers stuff a keyword more than the recommended numbers. They tend to trick Google into thinking that their website is very relevant to that specific keyword.

2.   Hidden texts and links

Sometimes, you might stumble into a hidden link or text in the content that may lead to another website or content without any intention.

3.   Blog content spamming

Create a new website now and see how you’ll receive tons of spam comments on your new website. They’ll include links to other blogs or websites. Sometimes these comments come in great numbers.

White Hat SEO

On the other hand, WH SEO focuses more on giving value.

  • Link building – to get others to link to your website if they find it useful.
  • Quality content – to create content that outshines the rest of your competition and gives more value to the readers than them.
  • Natural keyword inclusions – to include a keyword as naturally as possible so stay fair.
  • Making overall website Google compliant – to adopt strategies that are fair and that stay in the bounds of Google’s algorithm.

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