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Google advertising or as it’s formally called, Google Ads, are the ads you see on the Google search results. However, not just anyone can go up there.

There’s a definite mechanism behind Google Ads. Whenever someone types a query, Google’s algorithm awakens and it presents ads to the users. That algorithm is called “Auction”.

Unlike SEO, you’d have to pay your way up there.

But why should one pay to go to the top when SEO is free?

1.  Ads work faster than SEO

SEO and Google Ads are two different sides of the same coin. In the former, you comply with the strategies proffered by Google and get a top position, while in the later, you pay to generate leads and traffic.

It’s also faster because there’s no keyword usage barrier or how many you use, you can turn it off or on, and it presents results almost immediately.

2.  A greater outreach

Google Ads have a greater outreach as compared to SEO. For example, along with paying to stay on the top, you can also opt for email marketing. That way, your ad displays on the top of your inbox, mostly, the “promotions” tab. And these ads run on both desktop and mobile.

3.  You can retarget your visitors

Not all of your visitors take action on your website. But with Google Advertising, you can target them elsewhere on the internet with banner ads. You can make a list of those people and then pay Google to have your ad shown to them whenever they make a relevant search. You might have seen ads pop up here and there, based on your previous searches or interest.

4.  You get a real-time report

SEO reports might take some time, but Ads give you almost real-time reports along with a profound insight. It can show things like who clicked on your ad, how much your campaign has been successful in generating leads and traffic, and beyond.

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