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Like every other website owner, you also want to rank higher in the Google search results. There isn’t any magic wand to do that. You’d have to follow best practices, strategies, and professional advice to keep going on.

You see, SEO is like a journey. You learn and then implement a strategy. If it works, well, and good, but if it doesn’t you repeat the process to implement another strategy. Look for our SEO stints here.

Of course, you cannot learn all that in one day, but we can give you a headstart with these tips and tricks.

  1. Focus on keyword research because that’s the number one thing that will take you to Google search results.
  2. But before that, don’t forget on-page SEO. Make your website as Google-friendly as possible.
  3. Try as hard as you can to give value to your visitor by presenting fresh, validated, and interesting information.
  4. Unique content is the way forward. If your content is not unique, you won’t see the light of the first page.
  5. Use keywords in the title of your content, headings, top, and bottom paragraphs, but never overuse it.
  6. Hone your language according to your visitors. Explain terms according to their lingua franca and make sure it is interesting.
  7. Keep updating your website content over the years because Google values fresh content.
  8. Focus on the statistics of your website and act accordingly.
  9. Learn key factors from your competitor’s website. See what works best for them. It might work for you, too.
  10. Use online SEO tools like Moz, SEMrush, and Ahref to get your hands on more insights and make your campaign easy.

Just as we said, SEO has a learning curve. The aforementioned tips can only help you get started. But your own efforts in acquiring knowledge and following proven practices can help you more than anything.