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SEO tools make your work easy and fast. There’s no denying in that. In fact, even if you ask the most renowned SEO experts like Neil Patel, he’ll tell you the same.

Yes, your basic tool is always Google, but if you don’t have much time or if you aren’t familiar with getting the right information out of this search engine giant, then using the following tools should make sense.

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1.  Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a paid tool known for checking duplicate content and reviewing your website’s performance up to the very basic and yet important things. For example, it can identify if a URL is too short or long, help you see you’re un-crawled or orphaned pages by performing deep log file analysis, etc.

2.  Moz Pro

A premium keyword explorer and difficulty tool, Moz Pro is used by even internet giants. It is invaluable for knowing which keyword you could tank for based on your website’s current performance. It also offers MozBar, which is a tool used to root our ideas for linking with.

3.  SEMrush

As compared to Moz Pro, SEMrush is more competent in terms of letting you know which keywords your competitor is ranking for. You can even insert all your desired keywords into it and get a list of related keywords. With internal linking optimizations, you can even see the potential keywords of your competitors that you can capitalize on.

4.  BuzzSumo

Sometimes you run out of ideas for the content of your website and that’s where BuzzSumo is going to help you. It shows the most shared content for any keyword that you search for and also return its social indicators like social shares and engagement. Besides this, the tool can do other SEO things as well as content analysis and link analysis.

5.  Authority Labs

Authority Labs lets you check your ranking across different platforms or sites. And it doesn’t just offer a normal ranking report, but an in-depth and more convenient one so that you can check if your current SEO strategy is paying off or not.

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