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Conversion tracking is the single most important aspect of any paid media advertising. If you cannot analyze your return on investment, what good is investing your precious money in the first place? No one likes to shoot an arrow in the dark.

Google Analytics’ conversion tracking is one of the tools marketers use to see how their PPC campaigns are doing and what they can do to maximize their profits.

Yes, there are certain discrepancies in tracking in both Google Analytics and Adword, still, no one can deny its power when it comes to getting valuable insights.

Setting goals and reaching them

You can not only connect your Adwords campaigns to GA but can also, in turn, connect GA to your website. Especially, eCommerce websites gain a lot of benefits from this linkage.

They can define their goals in the platform and then let it do its work by tracking information related to that goal. At the end of the tracking period, the owners can then receive reports that give them an insight into the profitability of their strategies.

The insights
  • Bounce rates – by tracking your performance, you can learn if your visitors are spending more time on your website or are just bouncing off.
  • Session duration – if users are spending more time on your website, how much is it?
  • Real-time reports – lets you know how much traffic you’re getting and its source. If you’ve spent on an ad and you get a one-day sale cycle, these reports can actually tell you if it is really driving views and conversions or if it is just a one-time show.
  • Audience reports – to see from where most of your audiences are. Whether they are coming from the places you’ve targeted with your ad campaign, or not.

Of course, the power of Google Analytics tracking is not only limited to these. Once you delve in, you’d know that it is a relatively complex and yet easy-to-use tool once you know your goals.

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