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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) looks like a small floating ice mass on the outside, but when you take a dive, you know that it’s a gigantic iceberg, nowhere near easy to conquer.

But like other practices, it has a few steps if you set out on the journey. Backlinks are one of them.

What is a backlink?

When one website links in one of its content to another website, a backlink is created. We say that site B has a backlink from site A.

You can also call backlinks as inbound or incoming links.

For example, site A has or is writing a blogpost about cat food and during its research, it sees that site B has very good information on a certain food type. When site A hyperlinks site B in its text, it created an inbound link for site B.

Why are backlinks important in SEO?

Search engines see backlinks as “authority vote”. If site A links to site B, that means site B must have content that has provided value to site A. Therefore, it deserves a higher rank in the SERP.

In other words, backlinks have a positive effect on the ranking of a site on Google and other search engines.

Of course, it alone cannot do anything. A website has to have other off-page, as well as on-page ranking factors, checked as well.

Types of backlinks

There are two types of backlinks and both have importance.

  • Do-follow backlinks – the links that can be traced back to their source and have a profound effect on the rank of the source website.
  • No-follow backlinks – the links that can be traced back to the source, but the websites mentioning those links do not allow it to be viewed as a “confidence vote”. They have their reasons. If no-follow links didn’t exist, everyone would have been ranking higher. These links are mostly found on social media websites and other high authority websites that allow user-generated content for free.


Getting backlinks from other websites is easy only for those who create original, insightful content, and wait for the right moment.

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