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Fix errors/customize your website


Do you want to fix broken code, remove bugs, issues, errors or problems from your wordpress website | Plugins efficiently by professionals? We can help you fix this swiftly for a reasonable price.

What do you get

  • Fix layout issues
  • Fix login problems
  • Fix WordPress issues
  • Fix PHP, HTML & CSS errors
  • Fix plugin errors
  • Fix broken layout
  • Fix responsiveness issue
  • Installation and setup
  • Fix broken code for WordPress websites
  • Theme customization
  • Build custom functionality for WordPress website
  • And many more as per your requirements
  • Convert your website into any language as per your requirement

What do we need

  • Admin access to your website.

Prices are indicative for 1 task only. 

For multiple tasks or more complex requirements, You can connect with us on our chat option or send an email with your requirements to

We will review the same and come back to you with a quote and timeline. Please note the duration of the work may extend if the task is more complex.


We prefer working on staging or test servers so as to not disturb your live website. In case you do not have staging or test servers in that case we recommend you take a backup of your website before we start with the assigned work on your live website.

We can also help you take a backup if you are not sure how to do that.





23 reviews for Fix errors/customize your website

  1. Rohit Kadam

    Satisfactory experience

  2. Rupal Mehta

    Late delivery

  3. Lloyd johnson

    Very professional service

  4. Martha Ally

    Great work, good experience

  5. Zain Abdel Sadek

    Best work Best deal

  6. Kiran B

    High standard of service

  7. Gerald D’souza

    Beautiful job, total satisfaction

  8. Ahmed Shaikh

    Good experience.

  9. vikramjit singh

    Outstanding work

  10. Joseph Stalin

    Nice work, will definitely reorder

  11. Steven Rosario

    Very efficient and prompt service

  12. joseph Cessy

    very nice work

  13. Ashley Joseph

    Excellent service, highly recommended

  14. Kavita Jain

    Very nicely done!

  15. Joshua Schmidt

    Super Helpful thank you stints.

  16. Ben Joe

    Figured out my wordpress issues quickly and fixed it super fast. Thank you guys.

  17. Sonali Rajan

    Thank you for addressing the problem with my website’s contact form. I appreciate the quick turnaround, knowledge, and excellent communication. Also, I would like to thank this team for adding the security feature to prevent spam. I am so impressed with all the suggestions made.

  18. Ben Stones

    Client satisfaction is what stints does best. Thank you for your guidance

  19. Zac1

    If you ever need anything adjusted on your website, they are the right people for you! Don’t look anywhere else.

  20. Henry Roger

    I am highly impressed! So quick and efficient. I was facing some problem with the checkout page of my site, spent two days trying to fix but could not fix it! I contacted and they fixed my problem in less than 3 hours. Cheers to this awesome team.

  21. Maeve K

    Excellent Work!

  22. Sakshi Kamra

    This was a complicated task and I am not at all experienced…so it went well and I was pleased with the result

  23. Palak Sidhwani

    Knowledgeable and professional.

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