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Create Instagram AR Filters & Lenses


If you are looking for cool and fancy Instagram or Facebook filters, we can help you create filters for your account, brand or any particular event. With these unique and custom filters, your social accounts are going to get buzzing.  We will guide you through the process of uploading it to Facebook or Instagram to share with your followers.

Some ideas to select

  • Tattoos
  • Color filter
  • Overlay Filter
  • Particle Effects
  • Invisible face retouching
  • Showy makeup
  • 3D hats, glasses, horns, masks, text and much more.
  • Morphing
  • Background replacement to put the user in a different location
  • Custom color filters
  • Control filter by tapping the screen, opening the mouth, moving eyebrows, opening eyes, moving head.
  • Audio effects
  • Animation

What you get:

  • Select any 3 filters for the basic package.
  • For more we can customize as per your requirements.


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25 reviews for Create Instagram AR Filters & Lenses

  1. Rohit Kadam

    Satisfactory experience

  2. Rupal Mehta

    Late delivery

  3. Lloyd johnson

    Very professional service

  4. Martha Ally

    Great work, good experience

  5. Zain Abdel Sadek

    Best work Best deal

  6. Kiran B

    High standard of service

  7. Gerald D’souza

    Beautiful job,
    Total satisfaction

  8. Ahmed Shaikh

    Good experience.

  9. vikramjit singh

    Outstanding work

  10. Joseph Stalin

    Nice work, will definitely reorder

  11. Steven Rosario

    Very efficient and prompt service

  12. joseph Cessy

    very nice work

  13. Ashley Joseph

    Excellent service, highly recommended

  14. Kavita Jain

    Very nicely done!

  15. Yousuf Jaffer

    very happy with the new filter

  16. Lucy Jane

    Delivered as described

  17. Victoria Lukas

    Delivery was date late but the end result was great!

  18. Zain G

    COOL FILTERS! its quite awesome.

  19. Rachel Wayne

    Crazy Work by Stints, I am so happy with my AR filters. Creativity at its best

  20. Jenny Bernard

    Experience was great! Will 100% use them again for my artist filters.

  21. Julie Lowe

    WHAT FANSTASTIC FILTERS!!! I was so happy to find this unique stint on their website, thought of giving it a try and here i am, a very happy customer. Coming back soon.

  22. Malvika Reddy

    First priority of social media influencer is to make Filters interactive and appealing. Stints creative team went above and beyond to make it all possible. Got My moneys worth with

  23. Soumya Kaushik

    Thank you so much for the attention to detail and aesthetically beautiful filter. You guys have created exactly what I had pictured in my mind.

  24. VinnyM

    OMG! Super cool filters! Thank you!

  25. Ally Vince

    Got some really cool filters done. Fast service

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