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The social media you know right now, all the apps and websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and a plethora of others, have grown in importance over the years.

With over 3.5 billion users worldwide, social media is a power to reckon – and almost anyone can leverage this power for their own good. Check all our Social Media stints here.

  • Businesses can use social media to reach out to their target communities around the world and grow their sales.
  • Social workers can bring change in the way we perceive a human crisis.
  • Politicians can get their voice heard without the need of calling press conferences every now and then – a single tweet does their jobs.
  • The entertainment industry has been using it to announce new projects such as new movies or songs.

And many other people can use it for their benefit.

The main reason why social media is a giant no one can ignore today is that it allows formations of communities with vested common interests.

And it does that by allowing

  • Communication – easy and fast. You text someone on WhatsApp or messenger now, they receive it in milliseconds. The same is with video calling.
  • Sharing – whether they are photos or ideas, it has made sharing quite easy.
  • Shopping and promotions – open up your social accounts and you’ll see different brands promoting their products and allowing you to shop right from the convenience of your chair.
  • Services – social media has made it easy to order services. You can call a barber by a few taps or you can hire a writer to write your business articles. No hassle at all.
  • Charities – millions of dollars of charities support different causes on social media. The ease with which they can access many people all at once has increased their outreach like never before.

The importance of social media in today’s digital world is so immense that it cannot be ruled out of anything in our lives. And it is only at its nascent stages. We still have to go a long way ahead.

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