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You can advertise on Instagram in two ways.

  1. You can simply promote your already existing post just the way you “boost” your Facebook post.
  2. You can create an ad campaign on Facebook Ads Manager.

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Let’s talk about these in detail.

1.  Advertising directly within the app

For this or any other kind of Instagram advertisements, you need to first create a Facebook Business Page.

Once you do that, boosting your existing post becomes easier.

However, you don’t just go for any post in your profile. The best way to gain from your investments in Instagram is to boost a very popular post. A post that’s performing well than the rest.

How to find that post? Simply check out its outreach, comments, and hearts. All of these things are visible to you right under whatever you’ve shared.

After finding your popular post, you simply click on “Promote” under it to start the process.

The process of creating the ad this way is based on a few steps. After you are taken to your Facebook Page, you only have to select the age group of your prospects, how you want your ad to look and where you want it shown, how much money you want to spend, and for how long you want to run it.

As soon as you select these things, you simply click on “Create Promotion” and your ad gets created.

You can check its progress right in your Instagram profile from the “Promotions” option.

2.  Using Facebook Ads Manager to create an ad

Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook and therefore, you can use Facebook Ads Manager to advertise on Instagram.

The benefit of using this platform is diversity as well as specifications. You can drill down and tailor your ad to your needs.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Start creating an ad with Guided Creation

When you click on +Create, you’re presented with two options: You either go for Guided Creation or you choose Quick Creation. Guided Creation is what it is. It guides you through the process, while Quick Creation is for savvy marketers.

In Guided Creation, first, you choose your marketing objective. Whether it’s Awareness (Brand Awareness and Reach), Consideration (Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, and Messages), or Conversion (Conversions, Catalog Sales, or Store Traffic), the choice is yours to make.

Step 2: Choose your audiences

In this step, you can create Custom Audiences, where you can upload lists containing emails, phone numbers, or Facebook/Instagram IDs of people you want to target.

Or, you can set Locations that you want to target, for example, Canada.

You also select Age, Gender, Languages, and Connections.

Step 3: Place your ad on Instagram

Once you select from the categories or fields mentioned in Step 2, you’ll be presented with Placement options.

You can either go for Automatic Placements, where Facebook will decide where your ad should be based on its performance.

Or you can select Manual Placements, where you can select different aspects of Facebook or Instagram to place your ad. For example, there are options to place your ad on Facebook News Feed, Instagram News Feed, and beyond.

Step 4: Choose how much you want to pay and how long you want to pay

Budget & Schedule section lets you decide “how much you’d like to spend, and when you’d like your ads to appear.”Here, you can select your Daily Budget, and a start and end date for your ad campaign. You can also select to run your ads without interruptions or you can select particular periods of a day.

Step 5: Create how your ad would look like

In Facebook’s words, choose the right “Format” for your ad.

You’d have to include videos and photos in your ad and write your ad copy. Afterward, you’d have to select your payment option, review your ad, and click on “Confirm”.

But before closing everything down, don’t forget to add a call-to-action button and scroll down to “Tracking” fields if you want to keep a stern eye on the performance of your ad.

Good luck!


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