SEO or search engine optimization includes strategies, certain best practices, and plans, all focused on one thing – to rank in the top 10; possibly, number 1, in the search engine results pages.

If there wasn’t any SEO, every website owner would have one way or another tried to manipulate the search engines.

It goes to say, that not everyone can rank number 1, but the one that puts in extra hard work in his website content in hopes to deliver value to their readers. Check out our SEO stints to get started.   read more ➝

Conversion tracking is the single most important aspect of any paid media advertising. If you cannot analyze your return on investment, what good is investing your precious money in the first place? No one likes to shoot an arrow in the dark.

Google Analytics’ conversion tracking is one of the tools marketers use to see how their PPC campaigns are doing and what they can do to maximize their profits.  read more ➝

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) looks like a small floating ice mass on the outside, but when you take a dive, you know that it’s a gigantic iceberg, nowhere near easy to conquer.

But like other practices, it has a few steps if you set out on the journey. Backlinks are one of them.  read more ➝

Fix And Optimize On Page Yoast SEO Fixes

Like every other website owner, you also want to rank higher in the Google search results. There isn’t any magic wand to do that. You’d have to follow best practices, strategies, and professional advice to keep going on.

You see, SEO is like a journey. You learn and then implement a strategy. If it works, well, and good, but if it doesn’t you repeat the process to implement another strategy. Look for our SEO stints here.  read more ➝