Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are two different things aimed at the same result – to get high rankings on Google and therefore, get more visitors or customers.

However, SEO is relatively free as compared to PPC, as the names also suggest.

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White hat and black hat SEO both have only one agenda: To get higher rankings. However, the way to reach there is different in both types. White Hat SEO uses ethical techniques while Balck Hat SEO doesn’t care about ethics or things like that.

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SEO tools make your work easy and fast. There’s no denying in that. In fact, even if you ask the most renowned SEO experts like Neil Patel, he’ll tell you the same.

Yes, your basic tool is always Google, but if you don’t have much time or if you aren’t familiar with getting the right information out of this search engine giant, then using the following tools should make sense.

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