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Video has been gaining momentum for quite some time now. Businesses all around the world have understood its potential and they are setting up an in house team of video marketers. They are investing in it.

This is evident from the stats we have this year. As many as 87% of online marketers are using video as a means of getting their message across. Have a look at our Whiteboard explainer stints for your business/project.

The reason for the surge is easy to figure out. As a picture says a thousand words, a video can say thousands. And considering the animation tools that are available, you can spice up those thousand words with captivating animation.

The same method is employed in a whiteboard explainer video.

While a growing inclination of marketers is one reason to get on the whiteboard explainer video bandwagon, here are 5 more.

Why should you invest in a whiteboard explainer video?
1.   For the sake of SEO

According to MarketingSherpa, a video on your website alone causes an increase in traffic by 300%. That’s because the same website because the video becomes 53 times more suitable and likely to rank on the first page of Google.

And with these stats, you should have an idea of how much Google loves video.

2.   To explain your complex idea

Your idea or product could bring a gigantic change in your industry only if everyone around can understand it well. You can either go on writing a wall of text to tell them its specification, or you could engage them better with a whiteboard explainer video.

The animation therein will surely grab their attention, all the while explaining your product or idea like never before.

3.   Drive conversions

A video on the homepage or landing page of a website boost conversions by 80%, Unbounce notes. That could be any video, but the thing with whiteboard explainers are that it’s simple, concise, and it installs the whole idea into the brain like a map.

When your visitors understand what your product is all about, many of them will go through the sales funnel.

4.    Effective B2B marketing

Presentations make a greater chunk of driving B2B relationships. The science is simple. If you cannot explain your ideas well, you might not be able to forge fruitful relationships.

Explainer videos in that sense can come in handy because they have the professional flair as well as casual feeling associated with them.

5.   Cost saving

Making a traditional video would require you to hire professional actors and a whole plethora of other people. As compared to it, you can come up with an explainer video only by hiring a professional animator. Even, there are some premium tools that charge a monthly fee to let you create drag-and-drop whiteboard animation videos.

Final words

50% of the internet users look for videos that explain the product they’re thinking to buy. As a business, you cannot ignore the potential of video. So, to reap all the benefits of video and to cut costs doing that, we recommend you create professional whiteboard animation explainer videos.

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