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SEO or search engine optimization is the backbone of any business’s online presence. Do it better and you see results beyond expectations. Take detours and you lose your online customer base just like that.

For a new webmaster like you, getting on the SEO bandwagon might seem intimidating. However, when put simply, there are only 10 steps that you need to take to set on the right path. Check out our SEO stints for your business now. 

I’ll talk about those steps in this article.

10 steps to a better SEO
1. Analyze your website

The first step should be analyzing your website to see what’s bearing fruit and what’s going down the drain.

Many tools are available that help you monitor your website’s progress in key areas.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two free and insightful tools that tell you from where you’re getting all the traffic, how your keywords are performing, how your competition is doing, is your website optimized for mobile or not, and so on.

2. Set in the right direction

Getting traffic might not be that hard, but converting it is another story. If your website is getting lots of visits per day, but you’re not getting any benefits from them, then there’s no point in it all.

Therefore, set it in the right direction by clearly defining your goals.

3. Know what you want

After setting your direction, set your destination. That is to say, you should clearly lay out your targets. Where do you want to see your website in, let’s say, one year?

4. Focus on keywords

The next step should be finding relevant keywords. Your niche already has plenty of them, so start digging in with the help of plenty of online tools available.

For starters, you can use Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

5. Keep an eye on your competition

One of the best ways to outperform your competition is to see what they’re doing and fill the gaps they’ve left. You can monitor their progress by regularly checking out their posts, analyzing their keywords, traffic, and many other things by using tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

6. Start creating killer content

Good content is key to engaging your visitors and converting them for monetary benefits. But a killer content will make the internet remember you for the rest of the time. Writing invariably and haphazardly just to check this step won’t help. Take professional help if you have to but create content that gives value to your visitors.

7. Get backlinks

After creating killer content, start building backlinks to help it rank in the top 10. Although doing that isn’t that easy, it isn’t rocket science as well. You can start by reaching out to all the popular blogs in your niche and request them to mention you in one of their blog posts.

8. Double down on your UI

Better user experience is crucial to making your visitors stay on your website for long. If they do, their chances of interacting with your sales or conversion funnel increases. Therefore, focus on making the user experience better by the day.

9. Keep an eye on your progress

The progress you make inadvertently gives you indications about the course of your direction. Meaning, it gives you an insight into how your website is performing and what do you need to do to make it even better. Again, Google Analytics helps you monitor your website’s progress quite easily.

10. Wait for your results

No matter what SEO strategy you follow, you will always see the results in a few months. That is a lot of waiting and that’s particularly why you need to check all the right SEO boxes to succeed.

Remember, SEO is ever-evolving. You can always tweak your strategy to get max results. Good luck!

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